ICT215 Computer Graphics Principles and Programming



This unit was a basic foray into games programming and graphics systems using OpenGL and C++ no sound or complex environments were used. The task involved modeling something with real world feel or look such as gravity or interaction with the world.

Personal Requirements

This was an individual unit so I was required to complete the entire project by myself.

How it went

The project I came up with is a simple golf game there is a skybox surrounding the player the image hasnít been doctored to match at the edges and there are visible gaps at the horizon level, although this was so the ground had an visible end in sight to help orient the player.

There is one flag and hole one ball one golf club with five different settings representing different clubs and different ranges to hit the ball.
The game interacts through mouse and keyboard interface there is real simulated gravity effects applied to the ball which bounces quite realistically in the environment from the skybox and the floor.

The game is not difficult or graphically intensive it usually takes around 5-6 hits to sink the ball here are some storyboards for the game.

This image displays the start of the game the red mark in the distance is the end flag the ball and club are visible in the center screen as the mouse is moved the club rotates around the ball This image shows the club rotated away from the ball in preparation to strike this is activated by right clicking after we have rotated the club to the correct orientation using default mouse move.
This image shows the golf club removed from view to better see the ball in flight since it is unable to be used till the ball has ceased to move. This image shows the flag and hole with the ball positioned in front of it ready to be sunk this action prints out a score based on how many shots it took to sink the ball

Problems Encountered

  • Lack of experience using Phsyics
  • Lack of experience programming in OpenGL
  • Problems Resolved

  • Lack of experience in physics and OpenGL was addressed by getting lots of help from the tutor Lecterer, online tutorials and other people in the unit.
  • Conclusion

    The game was shorter than i intended due to lack of knowledge on how to complete the project and also lack of time due to other commitments. The game was much more basic but i didnt know any better at the time unfortunatly. The final version of the game included an older version of the phsyics that gave to much momentem to the ball when hit although other than that it was realistic.