ICT211 Web Computing



This unit had us create a simple web page that allowed you to login had several levels of different access and had a map to view the sites navigation and organization.

Personal Requirements

This was an individual unit so I was required to complete the entire project by myself.

How it went

The webpage I created had over forty pages had five different levels of access each allowing the user to view and interact with the website in a different way supported online sign-up for new users had online editing and real-time updating built in and in short was a fantastic website I believe I received 97% and a Wow comment on the assignment.

This is the Link

All information on the website is dynamic and can be changed without editing code through editing functions accessable through the varying levels of access.

This is the members section visible before the user has logged in it prevents users from accessing protected information until they have identified themselves. This is the same page once the user Tom has entered his details, Tom is a manager and such can view edit and change all aspects of the website, if he clicked fire employee he is presented with a menu to select the employee and they are removed from the website although their information is not deleted there access is disabled.
This image shows the contact list for the company each entry is dynamically retrieved when the page is clicked on it is combined from two lists. This is the login view for a level one member this level is reserved for new clients at this level they can read information about the company and jobs. Level two allows the entry of jobs and is for verified clients and new employee's level three and four are for trusted employees and level five is for managers and website admin.

Problems Encountered

  • Learning Php language
  • Session data use
  • Javascript error checking
  • Feature creep and overenthusiasm
  • Problems Resolved

  • I had never used php before this unit I spent awhile learning the language and working out more effcient ways to complete my requirements. I had to trial and error many different methods for session varibles ie http session data java and several methods utalising php code in the end i finally got php sessions to work correctly regardless of the target machines cookie settings.
  • Javascript took a small amount of time to error check and implement within all the forms once i worked out a way to dynamically check for errors so there was no need to recode for each form within the website.
  • Feature creep and overenthusiasm for the website caused me to create a far more detailed project than was required. In the end i managed to implement all the features i wanted by devoting far to much time working at the project.
  • Conclusion

    Without the assignment requirements limiting my need for progress i can create a very nice website with extreme levels of detail. Feature creep was a serious problem in this assignment every time i learned a new php code snippet or interesting feature i wanted to implement it into the website This is something i have to watch for and prevent on future projects.